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My story of meeting Animorphs is pretty

I was a huge reader as a kid. I would really read anything I could get my hands on. My first love as a kid were the Chronicles of Narnia, and anything I could find by Madeline L'Engle. Then I discovered the Babysitters Club series and devoured those. I think I hung in there from practically to the beginning up until a little past the hundredth book in the main series, but I usually liked books a little more advanced as a kid, and kind of acknowledged them as my guilty pleasure even when I was little.

BSC was pretty much the only thing I could afford to be addicted to for a while as a guilty pleasure series. But around fifth or sixth grade, I started thinking that the BSC characters were acting OOC. I may have even started questioning the fact that these girls had spent about twenty years in the eighth grade (and yet, Claudia still had to be held back a year; you'd think she would have gotten it after a point, man). I have since heard that the books were ghostwritten after a point, which may explain a lot. So when I was in sixth grade and wandering around the Scholastic book fair, I saw The Invasion and picked it up.

I thought the cover was kind of cool-looking, and snagged it on a whim.

I remember being not entirely sure if I liked it or not at first, actually. I was intrigued, but I think I was a little scared by the books. I was always a paranoid little kid - my greatest fear was always that everyone in the world had the power to read minds except for me, and they were reading my mind and laughing at my thoughts amongst themselves. So Animorphs was really, you know, just feeding that thought pattern. :D

I settled in after #2, since I decided I really loved Rachel (I was also really into gymnastics as a little kid), and then after #3, Tobias cemented himself as my first ever fictional boyfriend. And I was obsessed with dolphins, and so #4 pretty much clinched it.

I read on for a while, but just before the David trilogy, I quit reading. After reading over one hundred BSC books, I started fearing that Animorphs was going the way of filler with no ending in sight, and didn't have the energy to read another series that went on forever and ever.

I had friends who still loved it, though. Actually, my best friend all through middle school and high school had been an avid fan before I knew her, but I never knew it. One day after we'd known each other for about four years, the books came up in conversation, and we started at each other in awe of finding a fellow fan, and shrieked in the same breath, "DID YOU READ THE ANDALITE CHRONICLES?" Anyway, I heard it through the grapevine when the series finally ended, and I wandered back to the bookstore to read #54. My reaction was....well, you guys know. :D

I ran into some online discussion about the books a year ago, though, and found my way back here. I started buying the books off eBay again, and I've been hooked ever since. I actually love them far more than I did when I was little.

Random things I liked on my reread of #1: how right off the bat, Jake mentions Marco's skill at strategy in video games. Also, the fact that Elfangor nods assent when they ask him a question. It seems completely natural, but later the idea of nodding as a human custom is emphasized so much when dealing with Andalites, so it's a really clever detail that reveals Elfangor's history on Earth.

Oh, and how Jake is OMGSOTRAUMATIZED by eating the spider in lizard morph. After you've read the whole series, you can't help but think, "Poor kid, you think that was trauma? You haven't seen anything yet."
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