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The Beginning

I stole my first Animorphs book. How good of an introduction is that? I didnt mean to, I swear. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. I was in a bookstore, and I was about 2 chapters into #1 and loving it. My little brother and sister ( who were 3 months at the time) started screaming and we had to leave. My mom asked me to grab the bag and push the stroller. I guess I dropped it into the bag and walked out. I didnt find it until I got home.
So anyways, I had always liked sci-fi and soon as I was old enough to comprehend, my father would read a chapter a night to me out of things like The Hobbit, advancing up to things like I, Robot when I got a little more intelligent. The love for the surreal was already in me. I read the whole thing in an afternoon. The next day was Thursday, which was the day I got together with my very best friend from out of town. Our parents met in Lamaz class, we were born 2 weeks apart and were best friends since. I forced the book on her, and she loved it as well. We were hooked. We were just old enough to be self concious, but not old enough to care, so we would run around the back yard pretending to be Animorphs ( I was always Rachel and she was always Cassie). Sometimes one of us would get captured and made into a controller, and sometimes we would have the WORST fights about who had the coolest morph. Every month we would go to the store and buy the new books. It really helped us stay very close through middle school, even when she went to private school. On the outside we were trying to conform and being cool ( just like every little 13 and 14 year old wants), but every Thursday we were able to indulge in our less cool sides, and be with someone who truely understood us. It was really what we both needed, and I have Animorphs to thank.
Unfortunitly, we both put down the series when the ghostwriters seemed to be doing all the writing, we just didnt have the time to do it anymore. Life got in the way. We still talk about it sometimes. We found out it ended and decided to go to the store and buy the last 3 books, and read them that afternoon. We both cried and hugged each other and felt nostalgic. Since then we have seperated. I talk to her only a few times a year, and its not much more than " Hey how are you" " good" "good!". Off to college we went and I again felt that need to conform ( at least for a few minutes :) ). I was worried about good impressions and getting alog with the roomate and such. I had all my stuff in the room, and now it was time to unpack. I had my very personal items in the very bottom- my favorite Animorphs and the stuffed lion that I had shared a bed with since I was 3 years old- afraid of what she might think. SHe seemed real nice, and as it turned out, she was just as concerned. We unpacked all of our stuff( except for that one box...) and it was like something on a TV show. With nervous look I reached in and pulled out Tigger the Lion. She reached in her last box and pulled out Fuzz the cat. We both laughed and then I reached in and pulled out my collection of Ax and Marco Animorphs, and her jaw dropped. I thought the worst when she started laughing. However she reached in her box and pulled out half a dozen Tobias and Jake books. SHe thought she was the last person in the world who still had them.

We are the best of friends, and not just because of Animorphs. I can be who I am, she is who she is, and we know all about each others weaknesses for the nostaligc items from our past.

*phew* that was quite a story!

So, thats been my experience w. Animorphs..
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