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Way Better the First Time

Heya! Here with something I wrote inbetween exams(oh the fun). Hope you like it!

Author: Me
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not really

"I'm totally serious, this game was way better the first time. Don't even try playing it a second time. When it's new, it's okay, but again..." Jake shook his head, slightly shaggy brown hair getting in his eyes.

Marco laughed and pushed his friend's hair aside playfully, a little rough. "Dude, you need a haircut."

Jake laughed ruefully and brushed it back self-consciously. "Yeah, I know. But it's kinda hard..." he lowered his voice, the way Marco heard him do forty times a day lately, and continued, "you know, with everything going on. Not too high on my list of priorities."

Marco shrugged. "Fine, just don't blame me when Cassie asks me why you're becoming a hippie too." His fingers never stopping on the controller, he shot a glance at Jake. "You better not start hugging trees and starting blood drives for baby skunks too, man."

"Hey, don't you think it's kinda nice that Cassie cares so much?" Jake asked, half-laughing.

The little man on the screen was getting shot by about twenty different aliens. Marco smacked the controller. "Yeah, dude, it's awesome. You two can get married and go live on a nudist colony that makes paper out of sand or a treehouse or something."

Jake shoved his shoulder with one big hand and Marco winced internally; his friend was far stronger than he was aware. "Shut up," he said good-naturedly.

"I can see it now," Marco proclaimed, abandoning the game(which he was losing anyway) and standing up dramatically. "All-American Boy and Hippie Girl join forces and produce the most energy-efficient, patriotic children the world has ever known. Together they and their children fight crime and make it safe for all of the good clean Americans!" Marco raised his eyebrows at Jake and grinned. "There's no part of All-American Boy that isn't classic, preppy, and boring as hell!"

"Oomph," Marco spat out as Jake shoved into him, knocking him onto the bed. "Get off of me, All-American Oaf!" he laughed as Jake faked pummelling him, which mostly consisted of shoving him down into the mattress and trying not to smile.

Rolling his eyes, Marco grabbed Jake's arms and threw him over to the side, landing sitting on top of him.

Jake grinned up at him. "I always forget that you've got some muscles, midget." Marco realized that he could look straight into Jake's eyes, because he was hovering directly overhead, leaning over his face and holding onto his arms still.

"You're still stronger, jerk," Marco said, wishing he could take it back as soon as he said it. It might have been true, but it still wasn't something he admitted. That sounded like he was self-pitying. Marco had enough things in his life people could pity him for - losing his mom, a depressed dad, being short - he didn't need to create more things.

Jake looked at him in a weird way; putting his head to one side and lowering his eyelids until he looked almost sleepy. He put one broad hand up, sliding past Marco's shoulder, to his head. It should have gone up further and ruffled his long hair in an annoyingly supportive way(but the only support that Marco would tolerate, all the same), but stopped still half over his cheek, hovering lightly and warming the side of Marco's face. They stared at each other for a moment before Marco pulled one side of his mouth up in a grin and pushed Jake away as he rolled off the bed and grabbed the controller again. When he glanced back up at the bed, Jake was laying on his stomach, head resting on his arms in an uncharacteristically quiet way.

"What, have you turned into a lazy bum on me?" Marco could help saying. "Because I occupy that position full time already."

Jake shot a glance at Marco. "We've all changed."

Marco didn't know how to deny that, so he shot another alien and cursed when the screen told him he'd died.
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