L.A. (frenchroast) wrote in morphz,

Hello, all!

Our creator and original mod has agreed to hand Morphz over to me, and I'm hoping that we can get things up and running again!

First things first: the 2006/2007 read-through. I want to know if people are still interested. If so, we'll figure out a new schedule, and I'll do my best to come up with stimulating discussion questions, etc. If not, then I've still got a few ideas I'd like to toss around for this community, and if anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to them.

I'd like to do some fanfic, fanart, and fanicons challenges. Some more discussions about the books, and not just the normal "who was your favorite Animorph?" discussions. Post your favorite parts of the books, your favorite quotes, what you see or do nowadays that still reminds you of Animorphs (or Morphz), swap recipes for instant ginger-maple oatmeal. I don't want to compete with other Animorphs communities, but I do want this to be a kind of catch-all and open forum for everyone. If you've got fanart, fanfic, icons, banners, backgrounds, songs, videos, or dances or whatever, we want it. Basically, I want to honor Morphz by keeping Anifans' interest in Animorphs alive.

Also, I'm going to do a weekly "Identify that quote" where I pull a funny or serious quote from somewhere in the Animorphs series. Whoever names the book and scene it's from first wins! What do they win? Why, the honor and respect that accompanies knowing random Animorphs quotes! I'll have the first quote for ya'll tomorrow. :)

If you're still hanging out or interested in this com, please comment so I have an idea of how many people I've got here. And again, I'm open to suggestions to stuff you want to see in this community!

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