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Cinnabon 4eva

I really hope this community is still up and running (where are the comments about book 4??;) because I just found it and I've just been having a nostalgia trip... I hope to join this journey with you all, if it's still running.

I sit here, almost 20, a college student, and it amazes me how much of my life was caught up with this series. I started it at age 9, and I still remember seeing books 1 & 2 in the scholastic catalogue and being intrigued. I was always an animal lover, but this series is what got me into their heads, through Cassie and the others I went through all those moral and ethical questions that I love so much about these books. Now I'm studying environmental management and I'm a vegan, and I think Animorphs is what made me realise my passion for these things. Like them, I want to save the world. I know it sounds corny, but they really got me into humanitarian and environmental issues and gave me something to really aim for in life. A lot of the books were just fillers, but it also astounds me how much of an impact some of them had, and are still having. Books that I would devour, and then sit thinking for hours about the world, the universe.. I would stare at the stars and wonder. It's great to find other people so enamoured by these books; I think they were overlooked by a lot of people. By all appearances, they seem trashy, like Goosebumps. I tried desperately to get all of my friends into them just so I could have someone to talk to about them - but in the end I met this girl who was reading one of the books on my schoolbus. Although she was older than me by 2 years and it was incredibly uncool for her to be friends with me, we became inseperable and spent the next 4 years talking about life and everything on our daily trips to school.

I remember the day I read the last book. I was devastated. Five years of my life, and now it was over. But what I didn't realise is that it would never be over. I really think these books have changed me, and will always have a place in my life. I think I will still like them, even as an adult. What do you guys think? Will you still like them at 30, 40? I never would have imagined, on the day I got them, that I would still love them so much, 10 years later.

Did anyone else stare out at the stars in wonder? (Especially after any of the Chronicles, those blew me away.)
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