L.A. (frenchroast) wrote in morphz,

Morphz Challenge!

Well, I'm hoping more people are still interested in this community than replied to my first post, but if not, then the few of us remaining can still have some fun.
So here's my first challenge: Animorphs Crossover Fanfic!
The rules:
1. Animorphs, obviously, must be included, as well as members/etc. from at least one other fandom. Multi-fandom crossover is great--though it's best if the fic is more Animorphs-driven.
2. If it's more than PG-13 (and we all know, those can be the most fun), just make sure you note that.
3. LJ-cut so there's no flooding of people's flists. If you somehow don't know how to do that (don't worry, I took my time learning), just ask.
4. Any length you want. Preferably no previously written material.
5. If you're not a fanfic person, icons are also cool.
6. The Theme: "Animorphs: It's not just a job, it's an adventure!"

It starts whenever you read this, and ends April 22nd at midnight.

There will be prizes! (Except for me, 'cause that wouldn't be very fair.)
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