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Cinnabon 4eva

I really hope this community is still up and running (where are the comments about book 4??;) because I just found it and I've just been having a nostalgia trip... I hope to join this journey with you all, if it's still running.

I sit here, almost 20, a college student, and it amazes me how much of my life was caught up with this series. I started it at age 9, and I still remember seeing books 1 & 2 in the scholastic catalogue and being intrigued. I was always an animal lover, but this series is what got me into their heads, through Cassie and the others I went through all those moral and ethical questions that I love so much about these books. Now I'm studying environmental management and I'm a vegan, and I think Animorphs is what made me realise my passion for these things. Like them, I want to save the world. I know it sounds corny, but they really got me into humanitarian and environmental issues and gave me something to really aim for in life. A lot of the books were just fillers, but it also astounds me how much of an impact some of them had, and are still having. Books that I would devour, and then sit thinking for hours about the world, the universe.. I would stare at the stars and wonder. It's great to find other people so enamoured by these books; I think they were overlooked by a lot of people. By all appearances, they seem trashy, like Goosebumps. I tried desperately to get all of my friends into them just so I could have someone to talk to about them - but in the end I met this girl who was reading one of the books on my schoolbus. Although she was older than me by 2 years and it was incredibly uncool for her to be friends with me, we became inseperable and spent the next 4 years talking about life and everything on our daily trips to school.

I remember the day I read the last book. I was devastated. Five years of my life, and now it was over. But what I didn't realise is that it would never be over. I really think these books have changed me, and will always have a place in my life. I think I will still like them, even as an adult. What do you guys think? Will you still like them at 30, 40? I never would have imagined, on the day I got them, that I would still love them so much, 10 years later.

Did anyone else stare out at the stars in wonder? (Especially after any of the Chronicles, those blew me away.)
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Wow, sounds like they helped steer the way your life developed!

Ah, oddly it was my mum that got me into Animorphs! She saw The Message in a book catalogue and (of course, as every young girl is ;)) I was nuts about animals (still am) -- so mum ordered it for me, and I was hooked!! Heh, ironically enough, she started complaining about me reading them too much, probably during the 20s. Always said I was wasting my money as I'd grow out of them... come 20 going on 21, nup, I'm still re-reading and loving them. ;) (Of course, that hasn't stopped her complaining about my obsession - ah well, it's either that or Farscape. ;))

To be honest, she did have fair grounds for saying that, though, as I did go manic over the Goosebumps and Animal Ark series, but definitely grew out of them. I think that's what really shows how special Animorphs is, yeah, it is a "kids" book, but it has so much material that an adult can appreciate, that you can't class it as entirely a kid's book.

I mean, the development of the Animorphs over time, the way they grow harder to war -- especially Cassie's development -- it's just, amazing. It's all done so subtly that, although you can understand as a child, I don't think you can appreciate it until later.

Ohh, and the way KAA explores controversial and sensitive issues, in such a simple way -- I don't mean that in a bad sense, rather, look at the books, they're not long by any measure -- yet, there is so much crammed in there, action, moral and ethical dilemmas, plot, story, and all done so subtly you don't realise that you've absorbed it all until the end.

Well, at least that was my experience. ;)

Ah. The Beginning. Oh, I was in tears for that. Still cry. Still makes me feel sad. But, I don't count myself as one of the ones who hate the ending, nor KAA, I actually think it's a pretty darn good ending. What other author would pave the way for future fanfic? I mean really, if she had given a completely shut off ending -- ah, how more accessible does it make for the fans to explore Animorphs and beyond?

Heh, yes, I did. Still do. I love looking at the stars. Although, to be honest, other SF's have more of an effect on me. Sounds sorta odd (for an SF series about aliens), but Animorphs makes me look more at the world around me. Everytime I see an animal, I wonder what it would be like to be that animal. Whenever I see a picture of an osprey, a harrier, a red-tail hawk, a peregrine falcon, a bald eagle, I always think back to Animorphs. I think back to the character, how much I liked them. Just recently I saw my second ever cockroach (I'm from England -- we don't have them especially, and currently in Australia) and it made me ponder on why Jake first decided to morph one.

Yes, probably is slightly crazy, but whenever I see one of their main morphs, it always casts my mind back.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. ^.^
Ooh yeah it is amazing how much is crammed into those tiny easy to read books. They're great now, if I want an hour to just lax out and get into something good, I know where to find them.

Yeah, the last book was.. woah. But I liked it as well. I think it's realistic that they kinda changed after the war, were drifting apart. I imagine that would happen - so much of what gthey shared was tied in with the war, since they weren't even that good friends at the start. And then how do you relate when all that has happened, when it's over?? I even loved the ending, especially after the way they changed, because despite all that, there they were (well almost all of them..) together again and off to fight. It's very sweet, really, if incredibly depressing!!

And wow I think you have a really good point there - I know these books had me staring out at the stars dreaming about Elfangor and Hork-Bajir and the beautiful stories that KAA told through them.. but you're right, the biggest impact was here on earth. Now that I think about it, that is definitely true for me - it led me to really see animals for "who" they were, try and imagine what it would like to actually be in their place. I don't think it's crazy at all to think of them, I know it often casts my mind back too, especially birds of prey!! :)

Aww it makes me v happy knowing other people were affected by, and still love the books. I don't know anyone else IRL who read them all - my friends who were into it stopped reading at about #25.
Haha. I'm just glad that someone else feels this way! I'm 21, by the way, so, close to you. I also read the books starting at a pretty young age.

Aww, that story about that other girl was really cool :) Most of my friends in middle school (many of whom I actually still talk to) were into Animorphs, so I was lucky there. But not so much with the people I now hang out with.

I think I will still like them, even as an adult. What do you guys think? Will you still like them at 30, 40?
You know... I have seriously considered naming my first kid "Jake," boy or girl. I'm totally serious. Heh. Mostly because those four words "My name is Jake" started it all - Ax is my favorite, but still, I totally want to name my kid Jake. If Cassie is the heart of the Animorphs, then Jake is its soul.
Oh gosh, and your subject line - I bought some Cinnabon rolls today. Thought of Ax. :)