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I enter bearing a fic. [Wed, November 17, 2010 @ 1:37pm]

TITLE: Weightless
SUMMARY: Mertil helps Gafinilan during his last days.
WARNINGS: MertilxGafinilan slash and character death.
OTHER NOTES: I'd like to dedicate this fic to anyone who has ever taken care of somebody with a terminal illness.

There is a light from a higher window shining down on you tonight...Collapse )
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Animorphs Drabble Comm! [Sat, August 7, 2010 @ 2:21am]

Read/Write Animorphs Fanfiction

ka_verse is a challenge prompt drabble community based around major books series by K.A. Applegate, such as Animorphs, Everworld, and Remnants. This community accepts drabbles of all pairings, genres, and ratings.

If you're looking for a quick remedy to satisfy your Animorphs (or other KA verse fiction) craving, go on over to ka_verse to read quality drabbles.

If you like to write, join the comm and take on the challenge by claiming a claims table. The challenge is to write 50 or 100 drabbles based around the prompts that you choose. There is no time limit, so you write at your own pace. :)

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
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Some icons for you. [Tue, June 26, 2007 @ 5:41pm]

Sorry I don't have any more pictures. The only photos I could find were from Christopher Ralph and Brooke Nevin's official sites. There are so few Pictures of Cassie and Marco, and they're my second and third favorite characters. ;_; Well, here you go.

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[Mon, June 18, 2007 @ 6:46am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey im new
im really interested in animorphz and would like to know more about
this morphz group.....
thanx cait xx

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Way Better the First Time [Wed, May 9, 2007 @ 11:47pm]

Heya! Here with something I wrote inbetween exams(oh the fun). Hope you like it!

Author: Me
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not really

Way Better the First TimeCollapse )
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And the winner is... [Wed, May 9, 2007 @ 2:03pm]

Well, we had a grand total of one entrant in the fanfic crossover contest, odette_river who has won with her fic, "Five Ways the Yeerks Weren’t Defeated". So many congrats to her! Prize is on its way. :)

And a question to everyone else: are you not interested in the com anymore, or just not in the crossover challenge? What can I do to get you people to wake up?
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Morphz Contest [Tue, May 1, 2007 @ 3:47pm]

Title: Five Ways the Yeerks Weren’t Defeated
Fandom: Animorphs/Stargate SG-1
Rating: PG
Word Count: 235

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[Mon, April 23, 2007 @ 12:59pm]

So, we, uh, didn't get any entries yet for the fanfic contest. Due to computer issues at home for me, I didn't even finish. So the deadline for the contest is extended to May 7th.

Come on, people! I know you want to win the lovely prizes!
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Morphz Challenge [Mon, April 9, 2007 @ 2:55pm]

So...I made icons. Or, rather, one icon, with a base for those of you who don't like my word choice and want to add your own (or nothing at all). There may or may not be a fic behind this, I'm not sure yet (but I'm leaning toward yes). Enjoy.

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Morphz Challenge! [Thu, April 5, 2007 @ 3:37pm]

Well, I'm hoping more people are still interested in this community than replied to my first post, but if not, then the few of us remaining can still have some fun.
So here's my first challenge: Animorphs Crossover Fanfic!
The rules:
1. Animorphs, obviously, must be included, as well as members/etc. from at least one other fandom. Multi-fandom crossover is great--though it's best if the fic is more Animorphs-driven.
2. If it's more than PG-13 (and we all know, those can be the most fun), just make sure you note that.
3. LJ-cut so there's no flooding of people's flists. If you somehow don't know how to do that (don't worry, I took my time learning), just ask.
4. Any length you want. Preferably no previously written material.
5. If you're not a fanfic person, icons are also cool.
6. The Theme: "Animorphs: It's not just a job, it's an adventure!"

It starts whenever you read this, and ends April 22nd at midnight.

There will be prizes! (Except for me, 'cause that wouldn't be very fair.)
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Hello, all! [Thu, March 29, 2007 @ 8:41am]

Our creator and original mod has agreed to hand Morphz over to me, and I'm hoping that we can get things up and running again!

First things first: the 2006/2007 read-through. I want to know if people are still interested. If so, we'll figure out a new schedule, and I'll do my best to come up with stimulating discussion questions, etc. If not, then I've still got a few ideas I'd like to toss around for this community, and if anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to them.

I'd like to do some fanfic, fanart, and fanicons challenges. Some more discussions about the books, and not just the normal "who was your favorite Animorph?" discussions. Post your favorite parts of the books, your favorite quotes, what you see or do nowadays that still reminds you of Animorphs (or Morphz), swap recipes for instant ginger-maple oatmeal. I don't want to compete with other Animorphs communities, but I do want this to be a kind of catch-all and open forum for everyone. If you've got fanart, fanfic, icons, banners, backgrounds, songs, videos, or dances or whatever, we want it. Basically, I want to honor Morphz by keeping Anifans' interest in Animorphs alive.

Also, I'm going to do a weekly "Identify that quote" where I pull a funny or serious quote from somewhere in the Animorphs series. Whoever names the book and scene it's from first wins! What do they win? Why, the honor and respect that accompanies knowing random Animorphs quotes! I'll have the first quote for ya'll tomorrow. :)

If you're still hanging out or interested in this com, please comment so I have an idea of how many people I've got here. And again, I'm open to suggestions to stuff you want to see in this community!

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Cinnabon 4eva [Wed, April 5, 2006 @ 9:49pm]

I really hope this community is still up and running (where are the comments about book 4??;) because I just found it and I've just been having a nostalgia trip... I hope to join this journey with you all, if it's still running.

I sit here, almost 20, a college student, and it amazes me how much of my life was caught up with this series. I started it at age 9, and I still remember seeing books 1 & 2 in the scholastic catalogue and being intrigued. I was always an animal lover, but this series is what got me into their heads, through Cassie and the others I went through all those moral and ethical questions that I love so much about these books. Now I'm studying environmental management and I'm a vegan, and I think Animorphs is what made me realise my passion for these things. Like them, I want to save the world. I know it sounds corny, but they really got me into humanitarian and environmental issues and gave me something to really aim for in life. A lot of the books were just fillers, but it also astounds me how much of an impact some of them had, and are still having. Books that I would devour, and then sit thinking for hours about the world, the universe.. I would stare at the stars and wonder. It's great to find other people so enamoured by these books; I think they were overlooked by a lot of people. By all appearances, they seem trashy, like Goosebumps. I tried desperately to get all of my friends into them just so I could have someone to talk to about them - but in the end I met this girl who was reading one of the books on my schoolbus. Although she was older than me by 2 years and it was incredibly uncool for her to be friends with me, we became inseperable and spent the next 4 years talking about life and everything on our daily trips to school.

I remember the day I read the last book. I was devastated. Five years of my life, and now it was over. But what I didn't realise is that it would never be over. I really think these books have changed me, and will always have a place in my life. I think I will still like them, even as an adult. What do you guys think? Will you still like them at 30, 40? I never would have imagined, on the day I got them, that I would still love them so much, 10 years later.

Did anyone else stare out at the stars in wonder? (Especially after any of the Chronicles, those blew me away.)
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Eeeep. [Sat, April 1, 2006 @ 10:16pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Sorry about disappearing off God’s green earth like that- personal issues. Major apologies everyone.

Anyway! Book four! Please use this entry as a discussion board, I’ll try to whip up a longer entry soon. We could also skip ahead, if you’d like.

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#3: The Encounter! [Sun, February 26, 2006 @ 5:44pm]

So, we're up to #3, yay! Some things I request of our little reading group, though:

Don't be shy! The leader's not the only one that can ask questions.

Participate! We'll get more out of it this way.

Volunteer! We're coming up to #6 and we still don't have a leader. Anyone want to volunteer?

Peace, Shorms, & Together we fight,

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ANIMORPHS #2 The Visitor [Tue, February 21, 2006 @ 12:16pm]

This week's book:

If someone told you Earth was under silent attack, there's a good chance you'd think they were pretty strange. If that same person said Earth's only means of defense depends on the actions and powers of five kids, you'd probably start to look for a quick exit. Guess what? It's all true.

Rachel and her friends knew they were in for some pretty strange stuff from the very beginning. How often do you run into a dying alien who gives you the power to morph into any animal you touch? But that was before they knew what they would be up against. Now they know. And they know what they have to do. Before it's too late . . .

Egg Fu Says:

Wow, can we all say "generic summary"?

Since I haven't had a chance yet to read this book, I'm going to start off this week's discussion by questioning our memories before we get into our new impressions. If I remember right, #2 was often noted as one of the least favorite books of the fans--though I often remember that it was also noted as being one of the books that drew in a lot of fans. I'm guessing it was the nifteezy cover. So, the opening question is:

What do you remember thinking about this book when you first read it? What are your overall imprssions re-reading it now?

When I think of book 2 I usually think of it only as the book that first introduced Fluffer McKitty and Melissa Chapman. I remember liking the book fine; the scene I remembered most is the morphing of the shrew. When all was said and done, it definitely wasn't the book that really pulled me into the series. What's strange is that, initially, Rachel was my favorite character--but I liked her more when seeing her through other characters' POVs rather than than when I actually read her own POV in this book.

From what I've re-read so far, I'm struck by how shaky this book feels in term of voice. It feels clear to me now, since I'm now an author myself, that Katherine Applegate and Michael Reynolds were still getting the hang of the voice and feel of the series. Rachel's "voice" doesn't feel distinct from Jake's in book 1 or Tobias's in book 3, at least not to me. That's certainly not true of later books, where it was always very clear whose head we were in.

I was also interested by my reaction now to the opening snatching-the-guns-and-beer-from-poachers scene; it felt a little too PSA, when I don't remember Animorphs being so preachy.

Now, like I said, I haven't read the entire book yet, so I'll have more specific observations to discuss as we move forward. 'Til then, I'm curious to see what everyone else's overall thoughts are on the book as they read it now in comparison to when they read it initially. Let's share, folks!
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Just to let you know... [Mon, February 20, 2006 @ 11:14pm]

As of yesterday, we are starting book 2....

My esteemed colleague jeffsampson will lead discussion whever he GETS OFF HIS LAZY ASS.

Actually, I don't blame his ass. I'm sure his ass is very productive. It's the brain that controls the ass that matters.

(Love you, Fuey.)
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[Wed, February 15, 2006 @ 7:42pm]

My story of meeting Animorphs is pretty straightforward...Collapse )

Random things I liked on my reread of #1: how right off the bat, Jake mentions Marco's skill at strategy in video games. Also, the fact that Elfangor nods assent when they ask him a question. It seems completely natural, but later the idea of nodding as a human custom is emphasized so much when dealing with Andalites, so it's a really clever detail that reveals Elfangor's history on Earth.

Oh, and how Jake is OMGSOTRAUMATIZED by eating the spider in lizard morph. After you've read the whole series, you can't help but think, "Poor kid, you think that was trauma? You haven't seen anything yet."
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My Animorphs experience. [Wed, February 15, 2006 @ 12:55am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Yeah, I'm kind of late with my entry... So sorry. But hey, what a way to get to know eachother, right? It's an awesome first discussion!

How I discovered Animorphs and how it effected my life... LJ cut because it's LONG!Collapse )

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Opinion: Weakness [Tue, February 14, 2006 @ 4:11pm]

Okay, take the six (well, 5 currently) Animorphs. Who are the two weakest in your opinion?

I think, at this point, it's obviously Cassie and Tobais. They aren't outwardly strong in any sense. Jake makes a point of having the Hork-Bajir follow him and Rachel 'cause the two of them are the fastest. Tobias is "totally out of shape" and Marco and Cassie "are too short to be fast." Marco, however, plays up the macho in his first sequence with the nether fjord, therefore making him weaker than Cassie.

And K.A. proves that they are the "weakest" (physically) by giving them something the others didn't have the guts to do: morph on their own. Cassie and Tobias are the first to morph without a push from someone else. Jake doesn't do it until Tobias does. And after Cassie morphs, everyone's willing to try it. But because Cassie and Tobias morph on their own, they are proven to be challenged. K.A. gives them an alternate destiny: that of a strong person on the inside.

So...there's something for you to think about. Talk amongst yourselves. ;o)
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The Beginning [Tue, February 14, 2006 @ 10:17am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I stole my first Animorphs book. How good of an introduction is that? I didnt mean to, I swear. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. I was in a bookstore, and I was about 2 chapters into #1 and loving it. My little brother and sister ( who were 3 months at the time) started screaming and we had to leave. My mom asked me to grab the bag and push the stroller. I guess I dropped it into the bag and walked out. I didnt find it until I got home.
So anyways, I had always liked sci-fi and fantasy...as soon as I was old enough to comprehend, my father would read a chapter a night to me out of things like The Hobbit, advancing up to things like I, Robot when I got a little more intelligent. The love for the surreal was already in me. I read the whole thing in an afternoon. The next day was Thursday, which was the day I got together with my very best friend from out of town. Our parents met in Lamaz class, we were born 2 weeks apart and were best friends since. I forced the book on her, and she loved it as well. We were hooked. We were just old enough to be self concious, but not old enough to care, so we would run around the back yard pretending to be Animorphs ( I was always Rachel and she was always Cassie). Sometimes one of us would get captured and made into a controller, and sometimes we would have the WORST fights about who had the coolest morph. Every month we would go to the store and buy the new books. It really helped us stay very close through middle school, even when she went to private school. On the outside we were trying to conform and being cool ( just like every little 13 and 14 year old wants), but every Thursday we were able to indulge in our less cool sides, and be with someone who truely understood us. It was really what we both needed, and I have Animorphs to thank.
Unfortunitly, we both put down the series when the ghostwriters seemed to be doing all the writing, we just didnt have the time to do it anymore. Life got in the way. We still talk about it sometimes. We found out it ended and decided to go to the store and buy the last 3 books, and read them that afternoon. We both cried and hugged each other and felt nostalgic. Since then we have seperated. I talk to her only a few times a year, and its not much more than " Hey how are you" " good" "good!". Off to college we went and I again felt that need to conform ( at least for a few minutes :) ). I was worried about good impressions and getting alog with the roomate and such. I had all my stuff in the room, and now it was time to unpack. I had my very personal items in the very bottom- my favorite Animorphs and the stuffed lion that I had shared a bed with since I was 3 years old- afraid of what she might think. SHe seemed real nice, and as it turned out, she was just as concerned. We unpacked all of our stuff( except for that one box...) and it was like something on a TV show. With nervous look I reached in and pulled out Tigger the Lion. She reached in her last box and pulled out Fuzz the cat. We both laughed and then I reached in and pulled out my collection of Ax and Marco Animorphs, and her jaw dropped. I thought the worst when she started laughing. However she reached in her box and pulled out half a dozen Tobias and Jake books. SHe thought she was the last person in the world who still had them.

We are the best of friends, and not just because of Animorphs. I can be who I am, she is who she is, and we know all about each others weaknesses for the nostaligc items from our past.

*phew* that was quite a story!

So, thats been my experience w. Animorphs..

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